About Forever Brilliant Moissanite

Even Better than Forever…It’s FOREVER BRILLIANT

With the dazzling introduction of Charles & Colvard’s new Forever Brilliant Moissanite, C&C raises the bar on just how beautiful a gemstone can be. Charles & Colvard’s new premier brand of Forever Brilliant™ Moissanite gems offers a vast improvement in brightness and whiteness, up to four color grades.

By virtue of an exclusive partnership with the renowned Serenity Technologies, Charles & Colvard Forever Brilliant Moissanite applies the most recent scientific and hi-tech advancements to bring you a gemstone unlike any other. Other enhanced gemstones use a coating that can degenerate in certain circumstances, leaving your precious gem with diminished fire and brilliance. Not so with Forever Brilliant Moissanite. The non-coated enhancement is permanent so your Moissanite gemstone can be re-polished, cleaned and exposed to high temperatures and harsh chemicals without harm, forever and ever.

Though competitors may try to dispute Forever Brilliant’s superiority, the Gemological Laboratory of America verifies, by written certification, the quality of Forever Brilliant. The respected International Gemological Institute (IGI) also confirms that Forever Brilliant Moissanite has no coating.

The experts agree: the name to trust for Moissanite is Charles & Colvard. And Forever Brilliant’s higher standard of Moissanite enhancement is just one more shining example of C&C’s commitment to excellence.

a picture showing the difference between a regular moissanite and a forever brilliant moissanite next to each other

forever brilliant moissanite color grading chart

Video of a 1.5 Carat Forever Brilliant Moissanite

This video showcases the incredible beauty of a 1.5 Carat, Round Brilliant Forever Brilliant Moissanite Gemstone.

Pictures of the FOREVER BRILLIANT Moissanite Gemstone shapes available.



In creating the FOREVER BRILLIANT™ gem, Charles & Colvard hand selects and expertly polishes only the world’s finest moissanite. Then, through a proprietary process using extraordinary, cutting edge twenty-first century technology, each gemstone is transformed to a higher standard of the Gemological Institute of America’s near-colorless spectrum, up to four color grades whiter.

Dr. Suneeta Neogi at Serenity Technologies, Inc., developed a radically different proprietary process of whitening moissanite that absolutely improves the color and brilliance of moissanite without any residual negative effects potentially seen with HTHP treatments. This exclusive partnership between Charles & Colvard and Serenity brings the best opportunity for consumers worldwide to experience FOREVER BRILLIANT™, the whitest and brightest created moissanite gemstones, with confidence, knowing that it is brought to the market directly from and guaranteed by the sole manufacturer of created moissanite gems.

An Invitation to Sparkle… check out FOREVER BRILLIANT™ ; our finest collection of hand-cut loose gems and discover inner brilliance that exceeds your expectation. Experience the astonishing effect of light rushing in through every facet at speeds too fast to imagine for more life and more scintillation, creating a dancing display of light, even in a candle-lit room. The sparkle is absolutely blinding, and will last a lifetime… we guarantee it!

FOREVER BRILLIANT™ gemstones carry the same Limited Lifetime Warranty as all other Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® gemstones for maintaining their optical property of brilliance.

a sample of the forever brilliant moissanite certification

Charles & Colvard received the following lab results from the International Gemological Institute on our Forever Brilliant™ gemstone. IGI’s findings confirm that the Forever Brilliant gemstones have no coating. As part of our ongoing quality control, in addition to our in house QC, Serenity processed stones will undergo periodic independent laboratory testing on a random basis to assure our customers always receive the best possible quality in Forever Brilliant.

this is an example of the International Gemological Institute certification papers for the Forever Brilliant Moissanite


Charles & Colvard, in addition to re-polishing a number of Serenity Technologies processed stones, sent several Forever Brilliant gemstones to the Gemological Laboratory of America, Inc., an independent laboratory specializing in gemstone and jewelry identification, quality analysis and evaluation unaffiliated with the act of purchasing. GLA’s results confirm the same results that re-polishing the stones yielded, that there was absolutely no coating on any of the Forever Brilliant gemstones. As verification, we are providing written certification from GLA

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