Moissanite Fine Jewelry was created to present, educate and sell exquisite Moissanite jewelry to those seeking engagement rings, loose Moissanite gems, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and custom jewelry at a great value to customers. Our goal is to inform visitors about the beauty, durability and value of Moissanite while offering top-quality customer service and a superior product.

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» First-Rate Customer Service

» We design custom rings from any sketch or photo.

» Exceptional assistance with Moissanite or Diamonds

» Secure Online Shopping

» Outstanding Customer Service

» Simple Returns & Refunds

» Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

Our mission is comprised of two simple ideas:

» 1. Providing the highest quality jewelry at the most competitive prices available

Our designers, manufacturers and master diamond cutters are simply the best in the industry.

» 2. Unparalleled Customer Service

Our Values

» Honesty

» Savings

Meet Our Team

Just like getting married, finding or designing the perfect ring can be the experience of a lifetime.
Our highly experienced moissanite and diamond ring experts will help your ring buying experience easy and pleasant.

marlys Sharon David Richard


Senior Custom Expert


Senior Color Specialist


Sales / Public Relations


Senior IT Support

Marlys Goodyear

Senior Custom Jewelry Expert
Along with a passion and excitement for moissanite and diamond fine jewelry, Marlys brings over for 30 years of expertise in in high-end fine jewelry, and it definitely shows. She gives each and every customer impeccably thorough customer service, and always goes the extra mile to please people, and make their dream ring become a reality.

Sharon Rhew

Senior Color Specialist and Design Consultant
Sharon comes to Moissanite Fine Jewelry with a high drive for customer satisfaction. Previously working directly with Charles&Colvard, she has brought an abundance of experience and has dedicated 110% of her efforts to ensure breath-taking finished designs are the end result of collaboration with her customers.

David Yates

Sales and Public Relations
Having grown up in the business of art and fine jewelry, David's brings years of experience working with premium brands and world class luxury product in a global arena.

Richard Goodyear

Senior Tech Support Supervisor
Richard joined Moissanite Fine Jewelry at its inception and is the manager of our IT department, and the Moissanite Trade Up program.

We believe in giving back.

At we believe in giving back. This is why, as part of a new effort to bring help and hope to those in need, we are giving back 1% of all our gross (before taxes) sales to charities that make a difference in the environment and in the lives of people around the world. By giving our customers the opportunity to choose a cause that is closest to their heart, we will donate to the charity of their choice. We understand that there are a lot of hope needed around the world today, and where to start making a difference may seem a bit overwhelming. Because of this, we've tried to reach out to a small but diverse group of charities we feel are making a positive difference in the world today through education, health, disaster relief and the environment. We hope to compliment your purhcase of beautiful, eco-friendly moissanite and diamond jewelry, with a gift of charity to one of the organizations of your choice listed below.


MercyCorps - Be the change

Mercy Corps helps people in the world’s toughest places turn the crises of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Driven by local needs and market conditions, our programs provide communities with the tools and support they need to transform their own lives. Our worldwide team of 3,700 professionals is improving the lives of 16.7 million people in more than 40 countries. Visit to learn more.


Pens For Kids

The goal of Pens For Kids is to get pens to school children who live in developing countries around the world. The cost of school items, like pens, is a big hurdle to overcome and the goal of PFK is to help children around the world have a better chance for education. Visit to learn more.

We are very proud the men and women in our military and would like to offer a special military engagement ring discount to our service members who are serving their country in the Military. Our military engagement ring discount is 5%. Please contact us if you would like to learn more. We also offer the expert assistance to help you select the perfect moissanite and engagement ring. We'd love to show you the difference our experts can make when making your decision. To qualify for this discount, we only ask you have a valid United States Military email address.

Hello from Iraq!

Oh my god did the package cause a stir. I was full on stress trying to get hold of it. It is impossible for me to go in to the red zone (Palestine hotel) without a 10 thousand dollar security team so everything had to be organized with the help of a local to collect. DHL did agree to send their courier to go but alas their were curfews and traffic jams so he could not get through.
I then paid a local translator 100 dollars to sort it out and even walk to the the hotel if need be. Well bless his cotton socks, he did manage to get the ring and deliver it to me last night. PHEW !!!!.

To get something that has gone to the red zone is all but impossible as it usually gets stolen so I am more than double relieved.

So any way, last night was our last night together for a few months and the engagement went ahead and she absolutely loves the ring! She is very socially aware and does not like diamonds and the diamond trade so when I explained the origins of the moissanite she was over the moon and loves the ring even more.

Thank you for your assistance and I am sure you have been waiting on tenterhooks for the outcome and the finally.

Thanks and regards and I hope one day to repay all the effort you put in.

Baghdad, Iraq